Complete Drum Set, Red Foil (LC17514) Electronic Drum

Musical Instruments,Electronic Drum Electronic Drum

  • Color: Red Foil
  • Introducing the Accent Series Complete Drum Package, a Solid Foundation, Right from the Start. An all-inclusive, outside-the-box drum set package for the new drummer that needs everything. Accent's upgraded features create a solid foundation for a lifetime of drumming. Delivering everything the new player needs to get started, Accent does it all, and at an affordable price. Your Ludwig LC175 Accent Drive complete drum kit gives you everything you need to get your feet off the ground (and onto the kick and hat pedals). This all-inclusive beginner's kit includes a kick drum, a snare drum, two mid toms, a floor tom, a hi-hat stand, 13" hi-hat cymbals, a crash cymbal, a snare and hi-hat stand, a kick drum pedal, and a throne. Get everything you need to get going with Ludwig's Accent Drive drum set.
  • New Ludwig LC17514 Accent Drive 5-Piece Complete Drum Set with Red Foil Finish
  • An all-inclusive, outside-the-box drum set package for the new drummer that needs everything
  • The Drive configuration is a full-sized, totally playable drum set package complete with cymbals, durable hardware, drum throne, and a chain-drive pedal.
  • The Ludwig Drive configuration includes a 16" x 22" Bass Drum, 16" x 16" Floor Tom, 9" x 12" Rack Tom, 8" x 10" Rack Tom, 6.5" x 14" Snare Drum, 16" Crash Cymbal, 13" Hi Hats
  • Ludwig 200 Series Hardware includes a Bass Pedal, Snare Stand, Cymbal Stand, Hi Hat Stand, Drum Throne, 2 Post Style Tom Holders, Telescoping Kick Spurs, Floor Tom Brackets & Legs, 8 Twin Lugs

Complete Drum Set, Red Foil (LC17514) Complete Drum Set, Red Foil (LC17514) Complete Drum Set, Red Foil (LC17514)

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